Unlock your business potential through AI

Improve business strategies and cut costs. Make informed data-driven decisions in a simple and transparent way.

We make innovation easy

We leverage the vast amount of data generated by your company with AI as a Service solutions. You won't have to manage the complexity of these technologies in-house or invest in dedicated resources and hardware; let us take care of everything.

A digital revolution in all sectors

We provide as a Service competence packages to help you integrate AI into your business. We operate in various sectors: energy, logistics, telecom, manufacturing, and many more.

Excellence is our differentiating value

We offer highly customized AIaaS solutions, thanks to collaboration with prestigious universities and a scalable and competitive business model.

  • Cutting-edge technologies
  • Scalability
  • Scientific Authority
  • Maximum Integration
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Advanced Customization

Tailor-made solutions for every client

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University collaboration

A team of experts always by your side

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Flexible business model

Choose from AIaaS, on-premise, and API solutions




Technology partners


Different markets


Published scientific articles

Use cases & applications

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Identifying short and long-term patterns for process optimization

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Condition Monitoring

Predictive maintenance and real-time anomaly detection

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Customer Profiling

User identification, segmentation, and behavior analysis

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Business Intelligence

Data-driven process optimization for business insights

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Text & Image Processing

Text, image, and video analysis for multimedia information processing

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Data Mining

Automated data cleaning, structuring, and extraction

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